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There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of rain against the roof of a house — unless that rain is turning your living room into an indoor pool. That’s when you know it’s time to call Eagle Building SolutionsWe offer attractive metal roofing solutions to property owners seeking better durability and curb appeal for their home or business.

Our Lancaster PA metal roofing contractors offer installations for surrounding counties, including Berks, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia. Whether you need a metal roof repair and renovation or a new construction, all our metal roofing options are guaranteed to withstand the elements and look good doing it.

Dependability with a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Durability is the primary benefit of choosing a standing seam metal roof. Unlike other roofing systems, which rely on exposed fasteners, standing seam metal roofs incorporate concealed fasteners. This system helps prevent leakage, which is a leading cause of ceiling, wall, and structural damage in homes.

Additionally, a standing seam metal roof will last an average of 50 years, in comparison to the 20-year average of traditional roofing methods like asphalt. This roofing system can also be installed over an existing roof, reducing demolition costs associated with installation. 

It is also a more eco-friendly method due to its use of reusable materials. Standing seam metal roofs are also more energy-efficient and have been demonstrated to reduce cooling costs by up to 15%.

The Leading Metal Roofing Materials We Work With

There are several factors that can impact time and pricing estimates for a metal roof installation—this includes the size and complexity of your roof, roof penetrations, your roof’s accessibility and the cost of materials. At Eagle Building Solutions, our metal roofing contractors work with the following materials for metal roof installations:

  • Copper Roofing

Copper has been used as a metal roofing material for centuries. Thanks to its appealing aesthetic and long-lasting durability, copper continues to be used by many of today’s home remodeling contractors. If you opt for a copper roof, make sure to include matching gutters and downspouts for a splendid cohesive look.

  • Aluminum Roofing

Thanks to their ability to resist salt corrosion, aluminum roofs are ideal for coastal climates. Aluminum is also lightweight and enjoys an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making it a popular choice for roof repair and renovation by many roofing contractors.

  • Zinc Roofing

Unlike other metals, zinc produces an amazing patina that can heal scratches and remain strong for up to 100 years or longer. Thanks to its lower melting point, it’s also the greenest roofing metal as it requires 1/4 the energy to create. It’s softer and easier to form into shapes, such as shingles and barrel tiles — however, this softness also makes it more susceptible to damage from hail and high winds.

  • Steel Roofing

Steel is an iron alloy used in several construction applications and is the most popular material used in today’s metal roof designs. While steel requires more energy to make, almost all the steel used today is completely recycled, making it a highly eco-friendly roofing material. Steel is also the least expensive metal roof materialand its hardness as allows it to withstand hail, high winds, and other harsh weather elements.

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Schedule a Metal Roofing Consultation

We understand installing a new roof can feel overwhelming — that’s why we make the process as simple as we can by first sitting down with you in a consultation to fully understand your project and provide you with the best metal roof in Lancaster, PA.  

Installation by Experienced Metal Roof Contractors

Installing a metal roof is a complicated, multi-step process. As a property owner, you’ll need to select a contractor with the proper training and experience in metal roof installations to guarantee your peace of mind. Working with an inexperienced contractor can result in damages, injuries and thousands of dollars in additional cost at worst, and a failure to meet all relevant regulatory requirements at best.

Eagle Building Solutions is committed to offering quality workmanship to the Lancaster area and beyond. With over 50 years of experience in remodeling and construction under our belt, our metal roofing contractors have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure each project is finished on time and on budget. Visit our about page for more information about our history and mission.