Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Who can deny the unique look and feel of stone? It’s one of the oldest building materials, bringing not only beauty but also a sense of distinction and permanence.

That traditional look has always been desirable, but for many years has often been cost-prohibitive.

Stone veneer is the perfect way to add a quality look and feel without the great expenses. 

We install two kinds of stone veneer–one is manufactured from stone dust, iron oxide colorants, and natural stone molds. The other is made from pure, natural stone that is cut thin.

Stone Veneer Brands of Choice

Provia Stone Veneer

ProVia delivers beautiful curb appeal with manufactured stone veneer, including home exterior stone applications. When used as the exclusive exterior cladding, our stone veneer provides the timeless and classic appearance of a manor home or country cottage. Paired with vinyl siding, manufactured stone offers a dramatic, earthy variation in texture that makes any style or color stand out.

Brandywine Quarry Stone

WE PRODUCE AND SUPPLY THE FINEST NATURAL STONE AND LANDSCAPE MATERIALS AVAILABLE. Whether you are a builder, architect, landscaper or homeowner, Brandywine Quarry is here to provide the best purchase experience imaginable. From quarried building stones, boulders and steppers that only Mother Nature can provide, to scores of building and landscaping stones from other quarries, we have everything you need for your next project. Custom cuts are also available for jobs big or small!

Intro to Provia Stone

Provia Limestone Line

Screening Stone

ProVia Stone Veneer

ProVia manufactures stone veneer, and their goal is to create a product “so realistic you’ll have to turn it over to know it’s manufactured.” 

ProVia is essentially a cement product, crafted to look like natural stone. To mirror that look, skilled masons locate fine examples of quarried stone, shape them, and then use them to create molds. Once the molds are created, they are filled with a custom mix of aggregates, iron oxides, and pigments. 

ProVia veneer works well in many applications, including home exteriors, fireplaces, interior accents, and landscaping.

ProVia Stone Image Gallery

Brandywine Quarry Natural Stone Veneer

In addition to man-made veneer, we also offer natural stone veneer from Brandywine Quarry. Brandywine is a family-owned quarry in Parkesburg, Chester County, and has been producing fine stone products since 1998.

This stone is quarried locally or is chosen and shipped from other quarries in the Northeast. Brandywine has their own specialized sawing equipment, which allows them to produce consistent, quality stone veneers of 1 1/2 ” thicknesses. 

These beautiful stones work well both inside and outside a home. Fireplaces, landscape walls, and chimneys have a whole new look with this stone veneer.

Brandywind Quarry Stone Image Gallery

Installation by Experienced Stone Veneer Contractors

Correctly installing stone veneer takes skilled eyes and hands. As a property owner, you need to choose your contractor carefully to ensure that they have the ability to do the work right and to stand behind it.

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