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First-Rate Stucco Remediation In Lancaster County

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At Eagle Building Solutionswe are a home improvement company that is happy to offer stucco remediation to Lancaster and Chester County. We know that due to improper installation, many residents experience stucco problems that create issues to the framing of their home. Eagle Building Solutions has a thorough stucco removal process that will eliminate damage or replace the old material with new siding, stone, or stucco, which won’t cause the same issues. Contact our home improvement contractors today for help with your stucco repair!

Diligent Stucco Removal Process

The stucco removal process starts by cutting into the damaged sections and removing the affected parts from the wall’s exterior. At this step in the removal process, we will also see if there is any rotting to the sheathing or wall framing and replace it as needed. 

From there, our stucco remediation specialists will put up house wrap on the previously damaged wall from one of our top-rated house wrap suppliers like Tyvek. Around any openings, proper tape and flashings are then installed to make sure there will be no moisture penetration. 

This may also be an excellent time to replace windows and doors especially if they are older or if they are of poor quality.

If you choose to use masonry siding materials again like new stucco or stone veneer, we will install a rain screen in between the stucco or stone and the exterior wall, and install a weep system at the bottom of the wall to make sure that any moisture that gets through is diverted to the exterior. 

If you choose to go with fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, or any other popular siding materials, Eagle Building Solutions’ trained siding contractors can install the siding of your choice expertly, so it lasts you years to come.

Stucco Problems Our Lancaster Contractors Can Easily Solve

Many residents and business owners are unaware of the tell-tale signs of stucco damage. Here are some common stucco problems to watch out for:

  • Cracking and discoloration
  • Thin cracks
  • Heavy staining around access points like windows and doors


If you have noticed that your building or home exhibits these signs, it is time to get stucco removal contractors like Eagle Building Solutions on it. You can call many experienced exterior companies to do moisture testing on your building or home for those still unsure if you are having issues that need immediate repair.

When stucco problems are put off for too long, mold can grow unhindered in your building, and your foundation can be damaged. It will cost you more time and money the longer you wait. Luckily, Eagle Building Solutions offers a fair and affordable stucco remediation cost that our Lancaster and Chester County clients can afford. Get more information today on how we can replace and repair your home’s exterior without breaking your budget!

Contact Our Trusted Stucco Remediation Contractors to Schedule a Free Consultation!

As you can see, our siding contractors are committed to excellence in our stucco remediation. We make sure that all stucco removal is done correctly, without leaving your exterior wall full of any moisture or mold. By making sure that your siding is installed according to manufacturer specifications and that house wrap and window flashing are used to keep out moisture, your home siding will be improved in no time.

Eagle Building Solutions is the premier home improvement company for Eastern PA exterior and interior remodeling needs. Contact us today to get a free quote on our stucco remediation services!