What Every New Homeowner Should Know About Their Roof

Building your dream house requires attention to every detail including your roof. Protecting your investment is what every homeowner wants but how do you know what your house requires?

The part of the house that is the source of over one-fourth of all homeowner’s insurance claim is the roof. There are a lot of things that your roofer will not tell you about such as maintenance is key or that the black streaks on your roof can indicate mold. Moreover, don’t fall prey to roofing scams and get all the information about the single most important component of your home here.


The roofing structure of a home does not have a closed system. Proper ventilation is required for efficiency in reducing attic heat, moisture, and condensation. A roofing contractor will advise you best about the state of your recent ventilation and the changes that are suitable for it.

Damage Repair

Shifting and settling of homes occur over a period of time which leads to problems in the roof and wall lines. If it smells damp or wet along the interior walls then ask a roofer to proactively investigate. If you notice discoloring in some walls then that might mean the flashing of the house needs to be replaced.

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Shingling Over Or Ripping The Older Roof

You can tell if it’s time to replace or remove the old roof by considering the roof age, curling or buckling of shingles. There might be some cracks in the shingles or their ends might start to cup due to being old or worn out. A roofer will tell you to repair the complete roof or replace the shingles. It is most often best to remove the old roof rather than putting a new roof over the old roof. The cost depends on the material used. Materials for a metal roof can cost up to $350 to $1,500 per 100 square feet which can be very costly.

Types of Roofing

  • Metal Roofing:
    This kind of roofing can be found on houses with either very steep or flat rooflines. This type of roofing is perfect in cold climates where the snow accumulates.
  • Slate Shingles:
    Good roofing companies usually make you aware that the best and most durable roofing type is the slate shingles. Usually found on Mediterranean or Spanish-style homes, slate shingles last up to 50 years. A good roofer will know how to install a slate roof accurately.
  • Cedar Shingles:
    This form of roofing dates back to the late 1970s. Cedar shingles are very popular among the builders, which consider them as a high-end look. Many roofing companies will suggest you use natural cedar shingles because they are the most traditional and convenient choice among homeowners.
  • Asphalt Shingles:
    Consult a good roofing contractor when opting for asphalt shingles as some shingles are better than the others. The asphalt shingles often come with energy rebates and in many different colors.

Being a new homeowner is a huge responsibility and what helps is knowing what is on your roof and how to identify the minute problems before they become a major problem.

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