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Away with the Old, In with the New: Lancaster Roofing for Good Housing

Roofing is more than architecture and engineering; it’s also about protection. It shields people from the harsh rays of the sun, the rain and strong winds from storms, and the chill from the snow. An article from RooferCalculator.com explains the shift of the market towards metal roofing:

“For many decades composition shingle roofs have been an overwhelmingly popular choice for new roof installations and re-roofing applications. But, thanks to a growing consumer awareness of all the benefits of modern metal roofing, many savvy home owners are now considering steel roofing as a better alternative to asphalt shingle roofs. Hence, it is hardly a surprise that metal roofing has become the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing market.”

More people are becoming lenient to metal roofing. Steel, which is often used in industrial constructions, is stronger and more durable than many roofing materials. Unlike, say, asphalt shingles, they are more likely to withstand the test of time and weather.

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Metal roofing is not just for big constructions projects. For example, the lifespan of a normal asphalt shingle roofing in Lancaster, PA, is around 7 to 15 years. Many homeowners find roof replacement and switching to be bothersome and prefer not to be inconvenienced, thus the proliferation of metal roofing. Though the cost of metal roofing is twice that of shingle roofing, it is worth the expense. Metal roofs are more varied in terms of style, color, and material. They are also more cost-efficient and resistant to fire and the formation of ice during the winter.

Metal roofing is also popular because it is recyclable, and therefore environment-friendly. Steel roofs are considered “cool roofs”, which do not absorb the UV rays of the sun. Instead, they are reflected back to the atmosphere.

Of course, there are those who prefer older more traditional roofing materials, like the traditional asphalt shingle roofing in Lancaster houses. Nonetheless, your preferences may be provided, as they are offered by high-end building providers such as Eagle Building Solutions. Get a roof to protect yourself from the heat of the sun or from the chill of the snow and enjoy the weather no matter what time of year it is.

Source: (Steel Roofing Buying Guide, Roofer Calculator, 2014)

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