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Lancaster, PA Roofing Contractors Could Help You Out With a Tax Break

An article written by Patti Spencer published on December 2, 2013 on LancasterOnline.com elaborates on the different income tax breaks people can claim:

A number of income tax provisions are slated to expire at the end of this year. Many of these tax breaks have been extended in the past, so it’s possible Congress could extend them again over the next few months — but you never know…

roofers lancaster paThe article continues with:

Homeowners who remodel for energy-efficiency can take a credit of up to $500 over their lifetime. This provision has existed since 2006, so many taxpayers already have used the credit. There is a separate $500 credit available for energy-efficient appliances. If you haven’t used the credit yet, there’s still a month left to install new windows or buy an energy-efficient air conditioner.

The provision noted in the article, which says homeowners that opt to make their home more energy-efficient qualify for a tax break, came into effect as early as 2006. Since then, many homeowners have already used it. Even more can take advantage, as the article also hints at the possibility of an extension on the arrangement, as has been done in the last few years.

Many people have turned to Lancaster, PA roofing contractors to help them utilize building solutions that conserve energy, lower electric bills, and, more importantly, give them the opportunity to get a tax break. These roofing companies offer a variety of cost-effective solutions that let homeowners reduce the amount of energy they consume. These solutions include installing new insulation, doors, windows, and siding that are Energy Star certified.

A poor roof system can cause people to spend a huge amount of money every month on heating and cooling utilities. To avoid wasting any more energy, they can turn to roofers to replace their current systems. Some property owners fail to realize the benefits of having a good roof system and insulation. Not only will they be unnecessarily spending on utility bills, but they may miss out on tax breaks as well.

Property owners seeking a tax break can turn to a reliable Lancaster roofing company like Eagle Building Solutions for the installation of energy-efficient products.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 8 tax breaks that expire at the end of 2013, Lancaster Online, December 2, 2013)

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