Lancaster Roofing Systems that Work for Both Cold and Warm Climates

A forecast from states that the lowest temperature Lancaster, PA might experience this year is 3 °F. That’s 16 degrees below freezing point. Such low temperature can be damaging to exposed components of homes, particularly the roofing system. Well, that depends on the type of material it’s made of.

In her article for, contributor Thea Tyree identifies some types of roofing that can withstand very low temperatures. Any of these can be best for residential buildings in Lancaster. However, it should be noted that it can be hot in the city during summer, especially in July. Therefore, the most ideal roofing system is one that can withstand both extreme cold and heat. This points to one popular option—metal roofing.

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Metals Used for Manufacturing Metal Roof

There are different metals that can be used to manufacture metal roofing systems, but the most popular include steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. Of these, steel is the most vastly used since it’s cheap and has an abundant supply. However, since steel contains iron, it’s expected to corrode more quickly than other metals, which is why it is often allowed with chromium to form stainless steel or galvanized with zinc or copper to prevent rust development on its surface.

How Metal Roofing Resists Extreme Temperature

Metal roofing comes in panels or pieces, but both have smooth surface, which allows winter snow to slide off instead of accumulating and forming heavy icicles. Metal roofing in Lancaster, PA protects the home from possible collapse due to heavy snow buildup. Such a feature also helps reduce stress on home insulation. When it comes to heat, metal roofing systems may seem vulnerable to damage due to its conductivity. However, with the right coating, it can perform well under high temperature.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Metal roofs are easy to install because they come in panels as opposed to asphalt shingles that come in small pieces and require several layers of decking to complete installation. Also, this roofing type can be maintained by simple cleaning and recoating. Unlike other roofing materials that cannot be coated, metal roofing allows homeowners to choose to change the color and look of their roof to match the new appearance of their home’s exterior after a makeover.

Choosing metal roofing in Lancaster can help reduce post-winter maintenance cost. To further increase the metal roof’s protection from extreme temperatures, a heating cable or a snow guard can be installed. These add-ons improve the metal roof’s resistance to heat and help convey snow to the ground safely. To make the most of your metal roof, make sure to contact roofing companies like Eagle Building Solutions for the installation and maintenance.

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