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Dealing with Lancaster, PA Roofing Problems As Soon as Winter Ends

It has been a long and cold winter in Pennsylvania, but the spring thaw is fast approaching. People’s concerns are starting to shift from problems associated with the cold season to issues related to spring. One concern that should never escape their attention, however, no matter what the season is, is the roof on their homes.

An article on the Herald-Standard underscores the importance of checking the home’s roofing system as spring arrives:

“Though certain roof issues, like shingles lost to inclement weather, are unforeseeable, many problems can be avoided with routine roof inspection.

Checking roof conditions twice a year can help homeowners avoid potentially costly repair work or even more expensive roof replacement projects.

Spring is a good time to inspect roofs, which are often at the mercy of harsh conditions throughout the winter. Heavy snow, ice and biting winds can do significant damage, making spring the perfect time to assess if any such damage occurred and address any issues.”

Roof damage from winter weather can come in two types: the obvious external damage and the less-noticeable internal one. The obvious parts of the roof that need repair, such as broken shingles, messy gutters and other significant damages, are often observable from the outside. Since they are easily detected, they can be addressed quickly, as soon as spring kicks in. These problems are often remnants of winter, since the inclement weather made it difficult for repairs to be done.

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The interior part of the roof, however, needs a more thorough checking to reveal the damages. This usually involves climbing into the attic to look for leaks or stains. Some damages are noticeable, if homeowners know exactly where to look and how to identify them. Otherwise, these damages, leaks and stains can be easily missed.

This is where professional services for roofing in Lancaster, PA are most needed. Expert roofers can check key spots and parts of the roofing interiors to determine whether they are in good or bad condition. Having handled several external and internal roofing issues throughout many seasons, professional roofing companies know critical signs of roofing problems on sight.

A few homeowners may be able to deal with the damage themselves due to their own experiences in the past. Most, however, will have to rely on Lancaster roofing companies, like Eagle Building Solutions, to handle their roofing problems. Roof repair providers have the proper skills and experience to fix winter-ravaged roofs and prepare them for spring and summer.

(Source: As the weather clears, inspect the roof for damage, February 27, 2014)

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